Montreuil National Centre for Dramatic Art

Dominique Coulon



The glass marquetry that adorns the façade of the Montreuil National Drama Centre forms part of the tradition of incorporating works of decorative art into opera houses and theatres.
This assemblage of glass of varying nature – which on the other hand reveals the name of the building – contributes to creating a special atmosphere in the lobby and brings a touch of sophistication and refinement. At night, the optical and diffusing glass transform the façade, and under all conditions they announce the building’s presence.

Part of the glass elements that form the text written on the theatre’s frontage were hand-blown using a medieval technique. The remaining elements were bars of optical glass. All of these glass elements were fitted and stuck to the façade supporting glass.

Features: Façade
Creation, design and execution: Atelier Emmanuel Barrois
Architect: Dominique Coulon
Client: City of Montreuil