Weleda Group Head Office

Maryam Ashford Brown



Weleda brand cosmetics are made using a base of selected specific plants.
For the brand’s new head office, landscape gardener and botanist Patrick Blanc used those same plants to create the outdoor garden. His garden design, hand-drawn in a free and naive graphic style, was transferred onto the glass façade of the building.
The global project thus finds a coherence that makes sense.

Techniques :
The double glass outer skin was enamelled in white with a pattern of irregular lines using a chromographic process. The freehand calligraphy was also produced using brushes and white enamel, but by hand in order to best capture the sense of writing by hand.
The complete panels were tempered and the enamel baked.

Features: 1,200 square meters of façade
Design and execution: Atelier Emmanuel Barrois
Architect: Maryam Ashford Brown
Client: Weleda Group