Musée Crozatier

Laurent Beaudouin



The new extension to the Musée Crozatier in Le Puy-en-Velay is dressed in glass.
For this realisation, special attention was given to how the light should be treated. The south-facing double glass skin acts as a heat and solar filter, and contributes towards creating a comfortable indoor environment whilst preserving the Museum’s intimacy.
In terms of composition, the glass is structured with a stone relief pattern. Each glass plate thus has a unique random texture.
By day, or lit up by night, this cliff-face of glass is also an urban signal and a mark of the cultural revival that is bringing the city to life.

The glass façade is composed of 400 thermoformed and tempered glass panels measuring 12 mm.
Each panel bears a different relief pattern.

Design and execution: Atelier Emmanuel Barrois
Architect: Laurent Beaudouin
Client: City of Le Puy-en-Velay