French Ministry of Culture

Louis Paillard



The layout of the reception hall of the Ministry of Culture building in Paris is organised through walls of curved glass making a continuous whole. The walls of the work areas undulate and snake, structuring the different spaces. For the work rooms, a gradated grey screen-printed layer creates privacy without obstructing the view to the outside. In the entrance hall, the reflective curved glass panels provide nuanced and complex transparency. This creates a continuous interactive spectacle that is sometimes playful.

The glass panels that were thermoformed and laminated for this project are 8+8 mm thick. The panels were pre-treated by applying a magnetron-type metallic layer and a gradated coating of metallic grey enamel spots.

Features: Screen-printed mirror-effect thermoformed glass panels
Design and execution: Atelier Emmanuel Barrois
Architect: Louis Paillard
Client: OPPIC