LVMH Perfumes and
Cosmetics R&D Centre

Arte Charpentier



For reasons linked to the confidentiality of the research carried out in these laboratories, the glass skin of this architectural structure was conceived as a mashrabiya. From inside, looking out without being seen. To achieve this, the iconic canework pattern of the luxury goods group’s iconic DIOR brand is reproduced graphically over the whole façade in varying sizes. The patterns are printed in iridescent enamel. Thus, the metallic white colour of the façade is less uniform and the whole architectural design establishes an interactive relationship with whoever grasps it.

The glass of the building’s exterior skin was screen-printed with enamel containing iridescent metallic nanoparticles.

Features: Façade
Studies, design, prototyping: Atelier Emmanuel Barrois
Architect: Arte Charpentier
Client: LVMH Group