Saint Julien d’Ance Church

Jacques Porte



In its setting of gothic architecture, the new altar is a gesture of sought-after radicalism. With its delicate frosted texture, this block of glass contributes to the interior ambience by initiating a dialogue with the colour of the walls and the gilding of the woodwork. In this type of historic building that is often reconfigured, each century brings a new artistic and architectural contribution. The new altar forms part of this tradition of opening up and renewal.

The altar is made of a box of frosted thermoformed glass with a disc-shaped hole on its underside. The box is fitted over and rests on a gilded cylinder that serves as a footing without really being visible. Glimmers of gold pierce the glass.
The complete work was assembled using carpentry techniques in order to make the joins between the glass sheets invisible.

Features: liturgical furniture
Creation, design and execution: Atelier Emmanuel Barrois
Architect: Jacques Porte
Client: Saint Julien d’Ance Local Authority