Jean Rous College

General council of the Pyrenees-Orientales



The Atelier Emmanuel Barrois won the competition to create a work of art in a college by proposing the installation of this radical example of microarchitecture.
This wind pavilion is a reminder that the winds blow more here than anywhere else in France.
Through its unusual shape, its tension, power and colour, this “architectural object” evokes the nature of a land marked by strong identities, by a resistant and independent Catalan culture.

The 10+10 mm laminated glass sheets used here were coloured using a 14th century technique: “copper red”. Today this is still the only colouring technique using minerals that produces a vivid, transparent and long-lasting red.

Features: steel and glass
Creation, design and execution: Atelier Emmanuel Barrois
Winning project under the “1% for arts” system
Client: General council of the Pyrenees-Orientales