Saint-Etienne city centre

Obras Architecture



The City of Saint-Etienne wanted the lamp standards that illuminate the city’s main square to showcase local materials and skills. The glass used in this case met this objective.
The glass was hand-blown and coloured using formulae from the Middle Ages.
At night, the illuminated lamp standards give rhythm and movement to the space. In daylight, the sun moves across them projecting coloured anamorphic compositions onto the ground. A continuous interactive movement is established as the sun tracks across the sky and people walk through the space…

Thirty stainless-steel lamp standards with hand-blown glass shades.
The blue glass shades were mass-dyed with cobalt, the orange-coloured ones with selenium.

Features: Urban lamp standards in steel and coloured glass
Design and execution: Atelier Emmanuel Barrois
Architect: Obras Architecture
Client: City of Saint-Etienne