Bousselargues Chapel

Jacques Porte



This 12th century church has an exceptional collection of wall paintings. When it came to creating the stained-glass windows, the minimalist style adopted allowed the viewing of the frescos to remain unimpeded whilst creating a totally contemporary intervention. In each window, a pane of monochrome glass is crossed by a bar of optical glass. The sun’s rays create for each stained-glass window a rainbow projected onto the floor and walls of the church. This rainbow, the symbol of the Covenant between God and man, evolves continuously, creating a poetic meditative spectacle.

The panes were made of thermoformed industrial glass or hand-blown antique red glass. The bars of polished optical glass were fashioned to act as prisms.

Features: collection of stained-glass windows
Creation, design and execution: Atelier Emmanuel Barrois
Architect: Jacques Porte
Client: Blesle Local Authority