Colbert Centre

Atelier 4



The rehabilitation of these former tobacco factories located next to the high-speed railway line required the creation of a double glass skin for the façade. A single pattern streaks across the building’s whole 1,200 square metre expanse of glass: a free-flowing wave that evokes the high-speed trains that pass by several times a day. This pattern, which is discernable as an element of the architecture, is transformed when viewed from a moving train.

Each of the 300 glass panels bears a different pattern produced in red enamel using the technique of chromography. The indelibly-printed glass is a component of a double-glazing system that insulates the building’s users in terms of heat and sound.

Features: Façade
Creation, design and execution: Atelier Emmanuel Barrois
Architect: Atelier 4
Client: Indre General Council