Crédit Agricole
Centre France Bank

Patrick Léaud



The large room used by the Board of Directors required a process that allowed the layout of spaces for work, relaxation and meetings to be changed as and when needed.
To this end, a sliding glass wall was created. This partition, treated with gold leaf, takes on the look of a mashrabiya or an incandescent wall of light according to the way in which it is lit.
As well as a work on the modulation of space, it is an experience to be lived.

The laminated tempered glass bears a pattern of random lines in relief on its outer surface.
Its colour was defined by the application a thin metallic golden yellow layer and its degree of transparency by the addition of a variable screen-printed clear enamel.

Features: Interior glass walls
Creation, design and execution: Atelier Emmanuel Barrois
Architect: Patrick Léaud
Client: Crédit Agricole Centre France