A development platform

With regard to working in glass, what is possible is a wide open question. There are multiple avenues still to be explored in terms of techniques and the plastic arts. With this in mind, the Atelier Emmanuel Barrois is creating LabGlass.

This Research and Development platform endeavours to carry out work and research by relying on the principle of “hybrid vigour”.

This involves organising the coming together of contributors from a range of environments – engineers, artists, manufacturers, researchers, architects – but also of new ideas and different cultures and technologies. Within a single melting-pot, these diversities generate a specific dynamic, an improvement in performance (technical, conceptual, aesthetic) resulting from a blending of ideas, from drawing on many sources: “hybrid vigour”.

Using this methodology, involving a wide variety of partners, Labglass creates new elements and pieces in glass, alternative techniques, ideas in progress.

The ambition: to become a crucible of inventions, to feed the designs of the Atelier Emmanuel Barrois, certainly, but also those of various partners who can participate in this process on an ad hoc basis.